Soooo... I got this brand new Gold floyd rose trem. and of course i wanna put it on my geetaarr asap. so i call the local music store. and they've helped me with pickups and whatnot. so i figured they can do this. he sais to call another company half an hour away. and they'll install it and everything except the fact that it's 350 dollars.

So what I'm getting at is.. where the hell can I go to get this Trem installed.?? is it that hardd?? I'd rather not cut off my leg just to afford it. dfsgg
I'd hate to say it but, GC maybe?
Man, 350 is a ton of money just for a trem..
I'd say do it yourself, but it depends on how experienced you are with modding guitars. have you done any modding?
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Ummm... Well considering your location is Morgan Hell... You can get the devil to do somethng like this. He may be good at it, or he may not like you and he could destroy your guitar.

...But anyway, how can we tell you where to go to get it put on if we dont even know were you are?
thats the other thing.. i have no modding or customizing expierence.. and i really want this to come out perfect.. i dont wanna risk anything.. but i live in morgan HILL Ca,

Well, installing an FR does require a hell of a lot of work to your guitar's body, and if you have no modding experience, you'll probably want a pro to do it. It's gonna be expensive. 350$ seems a little much, but yeah.
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