so im a loyal fender user but my friend called fender "gay" *yeah he is immature* and he likes gibson *lol but he doesn't have one* so *and yes i know theyre different but whats your opinion on em?* so what do yall think which one is best?
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clean sounds, rythm etc = Fender

More rock things = Gibson
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They're so different, how can you really compare them? And this thread has been done like 9,000 times.
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im a gibson fan myself. but its clearly a personal preference. you'll have to compare them for yourself.
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i perfer gibson
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your friends a jackass. Fender>>>>>Gibson
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i really enjoy lp's sound but not the body. . .i really enjoy a strat's body but not the sound.
both companys have a wide variety of instruments but i think sounds most important.
this one has to go to gibson
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its all preference

i used to be a fender guy, tele to be exact. I used it to play some pretty heavy stuff. I was prety convinced that i loved fender

then i played some gibson LPs, and i went and got an LP studio with burstbuckers, its great. Then i found myself using lower gain amps, like a vox30 instead of a jcm900, whats next?!?!? i dont know, so dont hate on guitars or amps just cuas eyou dont initially feel them, it takes time to generate your tastes, and mine change quite often.

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Gibson is better than Fender in every possible way.
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haha wow
not again
im pretty new here and i've seen this a lot already

clean = fender is amazing at that
distortion = gibson is better
It's a matter of preference-------- I own both and wouldn't give up either
Play as many as you can, then decide
prs! but really whats with the fender gibson thing. whay no esp vs jackson or schecter or something. there are more that 2 companies.

fender = clean, some rocks tones
gibson= ddistortion, old rock acdc type tones some metal
ibanez= shredding
ESP= metal
bc rich = sad excausefor metal

so theres more than fender and gibby. but between the 2 i prefer gibson
Well. I like both.

I like..

All the wierd fender shapes
Telecasters (especially)
Les Pauls (especially)
Firebirds (especially)
ES's (both the thin 355 type, and the more acoustic sizes 170 types)

I also like most ibanezes and Prs's

The point is.. if you say a "fender' cant do metal, you should remember that you can get mahogany strats with humbuckers, and that you have Gibsons with single coils and minihumbuckers.

Also ESP releases some good guitars for rocking out (well, the ones with SD passives at least).
I'm going to say Fender because of general versatility (more specifically I would say the HSS Strat). But I would also like to point out, as some others have done, that this is a sadly futile debate.
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They are different for different styles. All depends on what you play.
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It's a matter of preference-------- I own both and wouldn't give up either
Play as many as you can, then decide

I agree, they're both great pieces but they have totally different sounds imo. You can go from a Clapton strat sound to a Yngwie strat sound. Or a Dickey Betts Paul sound to a Zakk Wylde Paul sound.