im thinking of switching string guage from 9's to some 11's.
the really thin strings are getting annoying and i might like heavier strings better

anyway would i need to do a serious adjustment to my truss rod or intonation or anything
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Yes you'd probably need a setup done.
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but for like 4 days u'll find it really hard to bend and ur fingers will probably bleed

just take it to a guitar tech
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You probably wouldn't need to do anything to your guitar other than changing your strings. Guitar nuts are designed to hold any size string so long as you've got the right note string in the correct spot (Don't try putting low E strings in the high E spot).
I would get a setup done, because the higher the guage you go the greater the risk u have in warping the neck. I have 11's on mine and I didnt get a setup, which I should of, but neways, 11 should be fine, but anything higher i wouldnt risk. And also I always keep the one guitar in drop c, so even then the strings arent being pulled to their maximum strength.