i need some advice, i know, i know everyone hate advice threads but someone has got to know about this. i have been thinking about getting a new amp lately and a guy i know said he is willing to sell me a fairly new mesa boogie rectoverb combo. (he has way to much gear anyway) for $800 and it needs new tubes.

i have played the thing and i have to say i was floored, it totally kicks ass compard to my cheapo late 70's roland cube 60 (yes they exist) ive read some reviews and some people seam to think this amp has problems with the effects loop. i dont know what is the problem but i use alot of effects (memory man, magic boy, ampeg scrambler, small clone, and some boss stuff) infact my effects cost me alot more than my amp and i need to know if this is a good investment as i am effects happy and need every one of them.

any advice on this problem or about the rectoverb in general would be great.

My current setup

hagstrom swede reissue
roland cube 60 late 70's (the orange one)
big muff russian
ehx memory man
ehx small clone
lovepedal magic boy
ampeg scrambler
boss metal zone
boss reverb
I also hate balsamic vinegar. And last but not least...my usb port isnt big enough for my penis.