Does anyone know of any sites that tell you how to make a good sounding fuzz pedal and are fairly easy to understand.
hey the guy above me: i made that linear boost pedal and it didnt turn out good for me. i believe it was my own error but the pedal DOES sound good it adds some drive to your amp. but my bypass didnt work and it made a lot of noise. so idk. yeah the tweako is sweet threadstarter.
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I wanna know what some blues sounding chords I could use in the key of D Aeolian fifth mode of Melodic Minor.

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try looking for Cm, or any of those complicated jazz chords
I think SchematicHeaven.com has plans for different pedals as well as amps.
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can someone tell me the grand total of these:



1 - 33k
1 - 8.2k
1 - 470 ohm
1 - 100k


1 - 1k linear
1 - 500k log (audio)


1 - 2.2uF
1 - 22uF
1 - 0.1uF


For Q1 and Q2, NKT275 or other good germanium transistor of
the PnP Configuration. JD Sleep (www.generalguitargadgets.com)
recommends these other substitutions:



1 - Hammond 1590BB Alluminium Enclosure
1 - Switchcraft Mono 1/4" Jack
1 - Switchcraft Stereo 1/4" Jack
1 - Carling DPDT Heavy duty Stomp switch
1 - 9v Battery snap (try to get the hard plastic type,
the others seem to break off after a few changes).
1 - Perfboard.a small sized one like at
small bear's catalog is enough.
2 - Knob (buy according to the shaft width of the
potentiometer you bought)
? - Wire. 22AWG, solid core makes for easier soldering,
buy colors!
1 - Soldering Iron, 20-50w, try to get a "needle" tip.
? - Solder, rosin core, a small "tube" coil
is enough for a box.
how much it'll cost? probably something around $30 if you buy the enclosure as well and all that and you allready have a soldering iron
Im interested in doing this too... This is my first time doing a pedal tho, so dont mind if i sound like a n00b.

Wheres a good place to buy this stuff?

There is a website inclosed in the "parts list" on the site JFJH sent dosnt include some of the parts that Im looking for... Most of the resistors arnt the right size ohms, or can i use different ones?

To help you out a bit... Heres the one Im doing.
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