Ive been thinking of starting a new band.

what would a band that was like a mix of Danzig with My Chemical Romance.

i know that most people dont like MCR but honestly tell me what you would think
i should probably not comment, for the sake of your esteem. Danzig and My Chemical Romance, 2 bands i dont like. correction, one i dont like (Danzig), and one i hate. eugh.
To be honest, I don't think I actually even know much of MCR. In fact, I don't consciously remember ever hearing something by them (there's always the possibility that I've heard them without knowing at the time that it's them).
Although Danzig's pretty good, so knowing only 50% of what to expect, I'd say it's not a bad idea.
You sure, though, that it's really a good idea to try to make a themed band like that? You should rather try to make music that sounds more like you, not your influences. Just a suggestion.