I've been looking at getting a Digitech GNX3000, and i cant find any info on the Learn-A-Lick function anywhere. Are there any digitech owners out there that can explain it to me? Is it anything like a tascam cd trainer? And does anyone have a close-up pic of the back panel inputs? Thanx.
Learn a lick is when you can transfer a part of a song(like a solo) onto the gnx and you can play it over and try to learn it, you can also slow it down alot, i think it is to 1/8 of its normal speed, there are mutiple speeds.
thanx. i figured it did that, but i couldnt find a description anywhere. every site said the same thing, "the GNX3000 has Learn-A-Lick and Jam-A-Long functions". Do u kno how much the optional footswitch is worth? i cant find that either.