I've been playing a year, on and off, and have only recently started to get seriously into playing. My question is, is there some kind of a trick to EQing amps, or some set of basic rules to follow? Whenever Im in a guitar store, there always seems to be a difference in tone between the guys who kinda know what theyre doing and the guys that are actually experienced.
No. The best way is to look in the manual of the amp and see what presets the manufacturer recommends or descriptions they give. Some amps, like Mesa/Boogies, can be incredibly complicated to EQ properly. And not all amps have the same type of controls. I guess what you could do is turn everything half way up and just play with it. On most amps, treble or mid will give you the biggest tonal difference; this is especially true with mids and distortion.
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There's also a sticky thread in the amp and gear section of sample setting for particular sounds...
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i usually start at 5's and think 'hmm i want more bass..' and turn the bass up, etc.

some amps, have 'heavier' tone knobs if you know what i mean.