Were a ska band (don't get scared, haha) and we have two songs up on our myspace (yeah, myspace, you can laugh at us) and a radio play of one of our songs. We recorded the songs in an auditorium with a laptop and a sound system so it's not that bad of quality. The only problem is that we had to do it live and we couldn't overlap anything so we make mistakes occasionally but nothing do drastic I think. It's ska but we've played with an emo band and the crowd likes us so... and I'm the guitarist by the way. I don't do anything to fancy on these two tracks but we do an instrumental and you know I shred on it... The links:


Thanks for any comments.
on Bang Bang, try to make the vocals louder, they arn't bad, and try to make the horns more bold and brighter, and my favorite part of ska and music of the like is the bass lines, lets feel some more groove, I really like what the horns are playing though, and the guitar is fun.

Edit: Sad Cause its true is pretty sweet, loving the bass intro.
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why laugh that you use myspace? it's a great way to showcase your music and a godsend if you're computer-retarded. or can't afford a real site. people underrate the use of myspace.
any who. it's good. i can tell why the crowd digs you. it's ska. who doesn't like ska every now and then? i like bang bang. up the bass and vocals on that and it would be a lot better.
bang bang bangladesh - not bad at all, the horns sounded like they needed work. I did like the riff though catchy and cool. I like the second half better seemed like you guys got it going then.

Sad Cause It's True - once again horns sounded like they need to get tighter. I didnt liek the lil simpsons thing in this song. thought the horns kinda made me think of Lisa Simpson at the end. The end of this song sounded like noise. cool bass intro Thats cool as hell that your song was on the radio I'd be pretty psyched about that
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