hey everybody, i plan on saving up on a paul reed smith, what do u guys think the average price for one is?
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1500+ for a really nice one.
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i like the Dragons...im trying to decide between a college education and one of those
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The average price of an American made PRS is probably about $4,000.

CEs, Customs, and Standards are in the $1,500-2,500 range, generally.
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i like the Dragons...im trying to decide between a college education and one of those

I saw a used Dragon II at Guitar Center in Manchester, CT for the low price of $17,000. That would've been one undergraduate year for me...
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I just bought a custom22 Ten top with the dragon 2 pickups and bird inlays, and it cost me $2850 out the door. it was the best money I have ever spent in my life. These things can almost make a person whos never played guitar sound good.
There are lower end SE series prs guitars for around 500, my dad has the santana one and it plays amazing
thanks guys, i think i'll aim for a 500 dollar one, i really do need to advance, i just got an ibanez GIO just 2 months ago and i already dont like it, but thanks a lot for ur help
Hmm, i saw a used PRS custom 22 for $1450 cdn in pretty good condition. It's made in 1997 with half moon inlays. Were PRS guitars still handmade in 1997 ?
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