hellllp, ive been playing for a year or so now and i cant tap worth ****. so give me "from scratch" the basics on tapping.

i use my middle right finger and it sucks.but when i switch to my pointer finger its like .05% better

what should i do
Make sure you are tapping hard enough and pulling away cleanly, build up the muscle and it will become easier.
I just submitted a lesson on tapping a couple days ago. It hasn't made it on yet, but you can see the UG Contribution thread where I first posted it here. Hope it helps ya!
You have to push down on the fret, then come off at an angle. Catch the string with ure finger, pull down and let it snap down to get a clear sound. As for getting a sound out of the first note, just tap it hard and try and see what location gives you the clearest sound.
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Think of tapping like hammering on/ pulling off

Your middle finger will sound clearer with time just practise it

hammer on the note with one of your picking hands fingers, then pull it off to a direction from the string to get more sound
First off, build up the skin on your fingers if you haven't already done so. When my teacher first taught me how to tap I spent about 20 minutes trying it but then the skin on the tips of my left index finger (im left handed) literally peeled backwards and down my finger.

For me, I use my right index finger on the lower fret, middle finger on right hand for the interval and index on left for the actual tapping finger (some people use their middle, but I find it easier to hold on to the pick when you use your index).

Place the two fingers mentioned on your right hand at whatever frets needed. Use the index on your other hand and and pluck the string on an angle to resonate the first note. Hammer on with your middle finger on your right hand to sound the second note, but first off instead of completing the trio of notes just get used to the rythm it takes to pluck the string and hammer on the second note. As soon as you've got that down, what I do is after you've done the pluck and hammer I hammer as hard as I can with my left hand index on the third note while making sure to get enough momentum to resonate the note to restart the process.
My cousin has been playing the same amount of time as me (a little over a year) and I noticed when he did pull-offs (the other day) that he didn't even pull off.. he just lifted his finger up.. and it sounded aweful. He never knew how to do a correct pull-off.. but I told him now. When he would try to do tapping, it sucked too. So make sure you can do a correct pull-off.