Here's my story.

I play an Epiphone Les Paul. I'm in a cover band. We play Sabbath, Van Halen, GNR, Metallica, Maiden, CCR, Alice Cooper, Chili Peppers, Petty, etc.... everything. I prefer to play slow heavy metal (Sabbath) and blues (Zeppelin).

At home I play on my sh*tty Fender practice amp that came with my first guitar. At practice/gigs, I play on my friend's Fender amp that is much bigger but I don't know sh*t about amps so I can't give details other than its loud.

I don't know ANYTHING about amps or equipment in general, all I know is how to play my guitar well. Recently, I played my dad's practice amp at home, which is a Crate brand a little bigger than my sh*tty Fender amp. When I was practicing solos, the tones were disgustingly crisper and I was shocked at how sh*tty the Fender amps I had been playing on were compared to it. Of course it wasn't loud enough because its a baby, but the sound for practice was amazing.

I don't want to play the fuzzy Fender amps anymore because my solos dont sustain? or sound discrete at all. I want something that wails my solos but has crunch when I hit power chords on War Pigs.

Help me out, please. I'm a rookie to Amps and a rookie to these forums. I also don't know sh*t about brands as far as Crate, Mesa? Line 6? Marshall. I figure Marshall is the best because I see it at shows but that proves the extent of my knowledge.

I'm a college kid with some but not a lot of money. My spending limit is right around 1000$, but if you think I should go over I probably would, even though I'd be happy spending less. I want to get something good for gigs, that meets the story I just said above. And I don't want to buy anything else for a while after this.

Someone better help me, because if I go to Guitar Center and tell this same story, I get the sales gimmick, not honest help, and I'll be f*cked.
possibly im thinking a marshall jcm of some sort, with possibly an OD pedal, ill try to do some research for you..
check eBay for used marshall jcm800's, the perfect amp for you, tons of classic rock bands used them and it will do metal with an OD pedal like an ibanez TS-9 tubescreamer, this como will nail all the bands you listed, and then a Marshall 1960AV cab if possible
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hmm i see you probably have the same practice amp as me. fender frontman 15 that came with your strat pack im guessing. but yes try to find yourself a used marshall jcm of some sort with a used 412a cab.
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Well, a used 5150/6505 will be the most amp for the money (a great amp regardless) but it's not a dark amp. You can find used JCM900s for around $600 or so, that would fit the bill.

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Our gigs aren't huge, just bars. The most we've played for is like 100-150. I want it to be loud enough for the typical city bar.

The tone is my biggest concern. My solos don't sound crisp at all on the Fender amps I've been playing.

I looked up the JCM800 and it seems too expensive for me? My question is, do I need to pay this much for it to be worth it? Is it even worth getting something less expensive or is that a waste of money? I was hoping to get a head unit and cabinet for around 1000$ so I'd have everything I need to plug in a wail away.

Also, I was hoping to get something new, but is used the best way to go? I don't know much about the technical aspects so I'm not confident I would know if I was getting a good deal from a used seller.
I was recommended this, I think, at an actual Guitar Center by an employee. Will this give me the sound I want?

Marshall AVT150HX Half Stack
Stay away from lowend Marshalls (AVT/MG), check out the Peavey Classic 50 2x12 combo - I'm not sure the exact cost but it's a nice amp for classic rock which seems to be mainly what you play.
Go with the used JCM 800, the AVT is a hybrid amp, which really means it's a slight SLIGHT notch about solid state, which means... it blows.

The JCM800 is a great buy for 1K and under, you will not regret it. Amazing amps.
im thinkin a good cheap amp would be a marshall avt series amp, i play bass in a band and my guitarist used to play a avt20 which is very small and it could keep up with my behringer half stack easily. but if you are willing to spend more money, a very good marshall avt combo amp that is like around 100 watts i think and is very loud is somewhere in the $750 range. i would highly recommend one of these amps, they produce a very good tone and are extremely loud for a combo amp. dont get fooled by a cheaper price with the marshal mdx series i think they are called, they sound like crap and the little extra money for an avt is well worth it.
AVT's are just more expensive MG's, and sound crap.

Look for a used 2 channel JCM800 combo. Look for some JCM900 Dual Reverb's too.
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There are a lot of tube amps out there for under $1000, especially if you look into used ones. Look into Peavey amps, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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Ok I think I've been talked into getting a used JCM 800. Here is my next question. If I get a used JCM 800, how much will I pay, and how much should I pay for the head and a cab? I literally don't know anything about this, so I need spoon fed about what I should get. Can I possibly get a used Marshall tube and a cab for around 1000$??
Someone else has recently recommended this head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
and this cab
Peavey ValveKing 412 Guitar Cabinet

because it was more in my price range.

My friend has some Peavey equipment and it just doesn't seem to be nearly as impressive as what I've heard from Marshall. Is this true? Would I be settling for less if I looked at Peavey instead?
Marshall JCM900 Model 4102 FTW

used they go for like 6-800USD

They have all the classic sounds of the 800 but also the modern sounds of the DSL/TSL
if you really want to buy something new, id look at the B-52 At-100 like someone else mentioned above. I just got one. It's a pure tube head, new, for $700, and it sounds great. I've only had mine for a few days so i haven't done this yet, but i've read a ton of reviews that say if you change the tubes in it to something better like JJ's, it makes it magnitudes better. so you could get the AT-100 half stack new for $1000-$1100, and then later on when you want to upgrade a little just change to better tubes and you're good to go.

This is what i would suggest if you want new. If used is ok, im sure the rest of these guys know more than me so the JCM's seem like a good idea
Is there a difference between the 800 and 900?? Ive seen both all over. And also, can you guys recommend anywhere other than ebay that I could find some of these used so I can shop around?

I found a 1996 JCM 900 half stack for 900 obo ... is this a good deal?
^ yeah. as long as it works it is. And also as long as the speakers are still ok. tubes arent a huge deal, you can just replace them if theyre old anyways.
Get a used crate blue voodoo half stack, it will save you money and in my opinion is you switch the tubes out and put some better ones in, it sounds great. I will get flamed for this, but you should check it out, I've always liked crate sound. I have played a lot of great tube amps so I can give an opinion. To answer your question the Marshall would be better, but if you don't have the money you can look into the peavey, crate, and maybe a vox combo.... The amp can only do so much to your sound, the player is the one who effects it the most. You said you were good and I believe you, so you could get a middle priced amp and make it sound good with your skills homeboy. Don't sell your self short of the talent you have!
This is what I guy offered me:

"Yeah no problem sounds good. I purchased it in 1997, only played it a
few times in band practices and started to get more into solo music
recording and composition on the computer, so I have not used it very
much at all. Anyway the tubes have barely been used it has an outlet
for a footswitch to switch between 2 different volume channels, one
channel for solos and the other for rythm. I did not by it with the
footswitch and I never purchased one. I usually just used my effects
unit anyhow. Its a 50 watt head, so bare that in mind. It gets
really good volume, but I remember playing with a friend who had a 150
watt and getting a little over powered. Its in really good condition
overall except for a few tiny nicks on the cab."

Is this worth 900$??
OKAY... in order to cover blues, and cleans I would try to get a fender combo. love my blues jr and it can handle bars as long as I don't need really clean guitar. In that case I would mic the amp.

What my advice is get 2 different amps... get more variety... $1000 is a lot of money.

Look into
Fender Blues Jr
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Carvin Vintage 16
Mesa Subway Rocket
Mesa Dual Caliber amps
Marshall JCM 800 combos

you would be able to grab any two of those and have tons of versatility.

That is what I would say. Good Luck.
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