This is my first attempt at writing a Ptab in a really long time, and its just the very beginning of something i hope to expand upon.... it kinda trails off at the end, but ignore that, its just a transition into a new section that has yet to be written.

So let me know what you think about the beginning of this piece, any ideas on what i should change, and whether or not i should keep goin
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very cheerful, like skipping cheerful, jk, lol, has a very classical feel to it, i liked it, short though, add more and post the rest when its finished, you should really finish it it should be pretty cool, crit any of mine if you wish, the up all night one is new, and there all linked in my sig, thanks!!!
Dude that is a pretty sweet intro and the way you've started to lead into the next part, I could definitely see a heavy riff or coming or staying with the piano all the way through. Anyways, keep it up I want to hear the finished project. If you would, check out my latest Angel Divine, the link is in the sig. Thanks.
Sounded pretty good. Very chippy, indeed.
Very well put together, also. Good job on that.

Definately continue this.
I'd say, get a main theme, rhythm part with the piano.
And have some sort of lead for guitar.
Then, have another guitar take over the rhythm part, just playing powerchords or something.

that's my suggestion.
and, if you dont mind
crit my latest
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