I need a better practice routine that will make me a better melodic basest and improve my improv any advice?

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I highly recommend it.

i suggest at least an hour a day but, 15 min. a day, is better than 1 hour, once a week. scales are the life blood, practice is the air we breathe.
What I do is
-go through my scales Major, minor, and blues
-Different chromatic runs
-brush up on my music theory
-just f-around improvising
-get some tabs play to your favorite bands
-try to hook up with some guitarists

practice practice practice

i dont like to waste time......if you are watching tv, pick up your bass and screw around with it, as i am typing i hold my bass for when i have free hands.....when ever possible, you should be practicing...

it all really depends on how good you want to get at it...
Haha I'm surprised so many people didnt know about scaletool.com without it I dunno what I'd do... We should have someone sticky a thread with helpful links.
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just playing endless scales wont help though, you need to change the way you play your scales.. play them in 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, play a scale across the neck, not just in the normal box positions.. try and make them sond musical, otherwise your music will end up very scalic..

Jam on your own a lot..

i have at least 30 mins of pure jamming a day, totally improv. dont stay in one key either, there are 7 notes without sharps or flats and 7 days in the week. Do it.

And as said above, play with some other musicians if you can.
playing with other musicians is a big plus.....but make sure when you learn scales and theory that it doesnt turn you into a mechanical player.many people have that misconception of theory, and its not true.you can play with feel and use theory, theory is basically your musical alphabet.
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