my friend has an Epiphone SG and he plays only metal and needs some metal pickups for it. he wanted to get EMG-HZs or somehting but im sure there is somethiing beter out there so does anyone know some better pickups for it?
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seymor duncan invaders, dimarzio super distortion but id go for the invaders thats what hetfeild had in one of the guitars he used for kill em all
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^ but if you get an invader there is no decent clean to them, and its really muddy sounding with a lot of distortion. Im sure there are much better out there for the same price, and about the emg-hz, i have heard bad things. i have never played with them though, so i cant speak from experience
I suggest he looks into buying a pair of bill lawarence xl-500's. All I can say is that they are Great pickups and for only 50 bucks a pickup you cant go wrong.
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yup. i had a bill lawerence 500-l in the bridge postion, and it was great for metal. and it's good for harmonics as well. good bass and trebles.
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bill lawrence pickups are the bomb for metal, for the price not much comes close, i recommend a XL-500 for the bridge and a L-500r for the neck
EMG ZW (81,85) i like them
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