Alright, I still consider myself a beginner, because truth be told, I am really new to the whole guitar thing

I took a class in my high school for accoustic guitars. but it was a really poorly taught class, that taught melodies to songs (using finger picking), and then Bar blues (G Bar Blues, C Bar Blues etc)

Well I'm done with the class, and obviously I want to keep improving. I love playing guitar, but I'm working 40 hours a week, and all the hours are closing hours, basically from 3PM-11 or 12. And I am too exhausted to wake up earlier.

I force myself to practice the guitar an hour every other night (and the bass every other day, so it goes Guitar, then bass, then guitar so on and so forth.)

I say force because I really have no idea in what direction I am supposed to head. Lately I've been trying to get used to a pick, and I'm starting to be ok with it. I can go through scales pretty quick, but not as fast as I want to...

I've tried learning Blink 182 songs, but I have no interest in them... It's hard to play something you don't want to play at all...

I need some sort of direction to go... I'm good at fingerpicking melodies to songs, and know some of music theory, but I really want to just start with some sort of plan. If anyone has any tips, ideas on what i can do, etc... i'd appreciate it.

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i think u should just try to have more fun with it, u seem like u have to schedule ur playing, if ur in the mood for playing guitar, do it till u get bored, learn some new songs, or even just riffs, learn a few of ur favorite songs
just do what you want, no matter what genre you do, terrible or not, guitar is all about doin what you want, when you want to do it. so just do stuff like that
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Find some songs that interest you, and work your ass off trying to learn them. If its too hard, find another song that you can do, and work your way up to that song you cant. Thats how I did it. It gives you both practice and a whole assortment of different tricks with a guitar, which improves your technical skill. Eventually, you want to try and integrate those little tricks you learned with a certain scale (usually minor pentatonic) and begin attemting simple improv.

Thats my two cents.
What kind of music do you like?
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An easily accessible song to most human ears is Dust In The Wind by Kansas. Should be a challenge, but that's what will make your time with the guitar much more interesting.
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I know it's WAAAAAAY overplayed and people are probably sick of it, but IF you haven't tried it already Stairway to heaven is one of the best songs you can start out with IMO. I started playing it when I was a week into the guitar, now I can play it throughout (working on the solo still though hehe). Thing is, that song teaches you a lot of the basics (albeit more in terms of fingerpicking at the beginning) and I found it to be quite rewarding very fast since the intro teaches you both chord shapes and getting individual notes right at the same time! and every note is either a definite hit or miss so you know where you're going. Eventually it gets a little harder since it goes into chords and so you can work on getting the strumming part right. If you get tired of all the fingerpicking you can always start pick work on the solo i think this song has a little of everything you'd want to become proficient in throughout your first year on the guitar.

anyway...sorry if you're in fact past all that stuff and this post seems patronizing or something hehe, i couldn't tell whether you've played a lot of songs and didn't get into them or if you're just starting off and you couldn't play the songs you've tried