Does anybody use Fruity loops for their guitar?? I have the program and i had saw an advertisement in a magazine that you can use fruity loops to record your guitar and make synths on. How do you do this?? Is there a certain way i need to hook up my guitar to my computer?? Please please help me. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


In general, you need an interface to get the guitar into the computer. Look around the forum, there's tons of info on this...
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^^I've looked. Maybe i didn't look as hard. But still if anyone can help me it would be great.

what exactly are you asking? i use fruity loops so i may be able to help. do you want to know how to make synths? do you want to know how to record your guitar with FL? do you want to know how to hook your guitar to your computer?

making synths isnt too hard once you get the hang of it. choose your instrument and open it in a new channel, i would suggest something like one of the piano synths to start. then right click the synth name in the pattern editor, and select piano roll. if you understand the pattern editor at all (like how it shows a bar and you basicly paint on the beats) then you should understand that when you combine that with the piano on the left you can create chords and melodies.

how to record in FL is a bit strange. when you hit record you only go into recording mode. what you then have to do is select a channel for recording and then select an asio input where it says in. then you click the little floppy disk thingy at the bottom to select where to record to. then you hit play to record.

to connect your guitar to your computer, well there are a lot of ways. you can either plug straight in with a cable that runs two male ends, one 1/4" and the other 1/8", between your guitar and soundcard. or you can use a DI interface that runs USB or firewire. or you can mic your amp and run the mic into your soundcard or an interface. lots of ways to do it with different results.
Well i kno that you can connect a keyboard to the computer and use it to make melodies in fruity loops. What i want to know is a way to connect my guitar to my computer so Fruity loops can pick it up so i can make melodies instead of using a keyboard. I hope i was clear on this.

^ wait, you mean like you play the guitar into the piano roll like you can do with a midi keyboard? i think the only way you can do that is if you have a midi pickup on your guitar, which are expensive if i remember correctly. im sure there are other ways to do it involving real time wav to midi converters and such (if they actually exist), but its not worth the effort. im pretty sure that you cant just play the guitar and have it go into the piano roll, which is what you seem to want to do.
Well, if a midi pickup is expensive i can't get it cuz i really can't afford anything right now. How can you make the guitar go into the piano roll?