ive been looking to get a tube combo for mostly practice at home. i thought the valveking looked like a great deal at 400 for an all tube amp. the prob is that its 50 watts and ill never use that much wattage in my bedroom. i was wondering if ill be able to get a good tone at low volumes on this bad boy? also if anyone has other suggestions for low wattage tube combos please give me advice. i play mostly metalcorish stuff and will use a distortion/od pedal if i need to.
its pretty good you can still get a pretty good tone at low volumes, for blues and then some metal too depending on where you got it set at, plus its got awsome reverb too.
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My friends got one of the Peavey Bandit 120W hooked up to another 120 cab and it plays some fine at bedroom level But I don't have any expierence really with tube amps
the valve king isn't that good

you could get a classic 30 for that, much better
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i considered the classic 30 but was told that it woulndt be able to handle metal. do you think it could pull off a good metal tone with some kind of od pedal?
im thinking fender isnt the way to go here because im mostly looking for a good distortion and fender is more known for its cleans. anyone tried the low end traynors?
its really between the valveking and classic 30 right now because they are so cheap and will provide me with a good tube tone for practice. so which should i go for?