Does the wood on a electric guitar really affect the sound? I mean if its electric wouldnt the wood just be the thing that holds everything? Wouldnt the only the electronics affect the sound? Its just one of those questions that has always been on my mind.
Look, the guitar is a resonant instrument, which means it vibrates and creates sound that way. Every material vibrates different and thus produces a different sound
------>yes, it does matter
how does the wood affect it then?

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i don't think the wood effects the tone of the guitar (plugged in) but it most definatly effects the tone you get (unplugged)
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correct me if i'm wrong^ i'd like to know forsure

read the guitar guide in the sticky in this forum. Wood does matter.
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Dependant on what wood your guitar is made of, it will get a slightly different tone. For instance Mohogany=Really warm with a lot of mids, Alder=Really bright with good treble, etc.
You have to develop a good ear for tone before you can really hear a good difference though.