I don't know much about amps so I figured I'd ask you guys. I currently have crappy practice amps, and will want to replace them by September. I have an ICX200 Iceman (Ibanez) with Seymour Duncan Invaders in the brigde, and stock pickups in the neck (I might swap out the pick ups for DiMizarios). I play lots of everything, but mainly metal and alt. metal like Metallica, Megadeth, System of a Down type music. I'd like to have it around $500-800. What amp would be a good buy that would be good for recording and stage?
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Yeah limit it, because theres many types. Right now I just have a basic Fender amp nothing fancy, but I also got an effects pedal which makes the tone and distortion sound amazing. But if you want something huge, I prefer the crate stacks, sound awesome.