so i just picked up a crybaby, just the plain jane cry baby, at first it was really hard to get it to turn on, i had to stomp it harder than i would ever want to step on one of my pedals, now i cant get it to turn on no matter how hard i stomp it, now before i make the hour long trip back to GC to get another, i want to know if it really is broken or is there some magic cry baby touch that i dont possess?
I never got the hang of stomping on crybabies.

You gotta put ALL your weight onto the front of the pedal, where the switch is. If you did it correctly, it should click and start to work.

Why not open it and see if there's anything wrong with the switch? It could just be disconnected or something.
if you take off the plate at the bottom youll see the chip and switch....most of the switches will be soldered in place.
if there's a loose wire just re solder it in place

as for hard stomping on it.....its not normal.

although it is hard to turn them on and off its not like you should have to stand on it.

I removed one of the front rubber bumpers under the pedal board...after seeing it was still too hard i cut half the other one out and now i can play wah while sitting down....easy enough to turn on with your foot but not so easy that it gets switched while playing.
The regular ones are hard to switch on, maybe you did it too hard? Take it back to the shop and see what they say.
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