just wondering what everyones favorite distortion/od pedal is and what they own.

i have a keeley modded metalzone its pretty sweet

i plan on buying a maxon 808 once i get my tube combo. i hear tubescreamers do wonders over tubes.
I have a Boss DS-2. It sucks balls if you are just using it on the clean chanel, but its pretty good if you are using the amps distortion then use the pedal; It's gives it a treble boost for solos ect.

Selling it sometime soon though.
I am using a Boss Metal Zone, I have used a couple of other pedals like the Digitech Metal Master and Dime Distortion, but nothing compares to the tone of my Metal Zone it might because I am so used to the tone I have.
I kinda like the Electro Harmonix's Big Muff, it has sort of a dirty thick sound to it.