I was gonna take my guitar to a shop and get it fixed but the repair guy is never there. So im gonna try to do it myself. How much should i adjust the distance between the strings and the pickups? They are EMG's if it matters. How do i adjust the action to get rid of the string buzz? Its a tune-o-matic brigde....or les paul. How do i change strings the correct way? And while im at it, this might sound stupid but wat is "emo". I hear a lot of ppl making fun of it and im wanderin why.
Because they're closed minded morons, and mostly likely metal or classic rock elitists.
Its a style of music with stereotypically sad lyrics, but they arent always.
The musicians often sing higher, the music isnt as complicated and the guitar is mostly powerchords.
Band examples. - Dashboard confessional, fallout boy, My chemical romance, Brand new, Senses fail, story of the year.
They often have the trademark swooshy patch thing in front of one eye, The guys often look effeminate, with eyeliner and womens jeans.
Basically they're like steven tylers.

Ive got a tuneomatic string through, but where the strings first touch the raised bar towards the bottom of the body, there should be two thumb knobs, or some way to raise and lower that.
That'll help.
When changing strings, just remember to keep them on the inside of the headstock. Ive heard horror stories about guitar headstocks totally snapping because of it being on the outside. After stringing it up and tuning, Give the strings some moderately hard tugs and retune, repeat this several times. And I promise It'll hold tuning much better then usual

The emo question really opened a can of worms.
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Inside the headstock? Wheres that? I mean i know wat the headstock is but where is inside the headstock?
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Come on I know there is more than one person who know's this stuff.
EMG reccomends putting the pickups as close to the strings as you can. As for the inside of the headstock, I assume he means stick the string through the tuner hole so it goes away from the headstock and not towards the other tuners (if you tunres on both sides). If you have all your tuners on one side, stick the strings through the hole on the side farther from the edge of the headstock.
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the blue lines adjust pickup height. too close and its muddy. too far and u lose volume.
its preference.

turn the top screw to loosen the thumbwheel then turn the thumbwheel pointed to by red arrow. turn up and down to lift and lower the bridge.
(logz pic)

and to change strings...

one string swapped at a time. tune up to the not, stretch out the strings a little after u get them in tune, and stick with the same gauge or ull have to do extra adjusting.

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