Which order do you guys lay down your stuff if you are doing it all by yourself?

Bass first? Guitar first? Drums first? etc
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It's better if you lay down the guitar first like I do because my drum comes out of a guitar effects processor and it's the same drumbeat all the time. Sure, you can take another drum beat too but......well I lay my guitar at first down.


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i stick the metronome on, do each guitar riff by riff, then add my own bass ideas, then add the drums i saw in my head as i was making the song... submit it to the rest of the band, get input... record proper drums, proper bass, and in theory, add vocals last (no vocalist yet )
Firstly I record the drum beat , then The guitar over the drum beat and then the bass ..If for some reason I have to change the songs tempo i record a metronome so i can stay in the zone ..
wanna crit my songs?


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Drums first.


Then bass, then rhythm guitar (if available), then lead.
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