Okay, I sort of have a problem. I'm unhappy with my tone I get from my live rig. I use an ESP LTD EC100, my amp is an Ibanez Tone Blaster (TB100), and I dont use any pedals. In a few weeks, my band is going to record a CD. We're spending a hefty amount of money on the recording, so buying a new amp is out of the question. In the Studio I will be able to use a 1965 Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Gibson Les Paul Standard, my ESP, a Fender Stratocaster with hotrails pickups, a Peavy Humbucker Special, and some type of Washburn. My drummer has a Peavy Amp I can use, and I believe the studio guy has a Marshall 8100 guitar amp head and a Music Man 112RD sixty-five tube amp. The guy who runs the studio also has a Line 6 POD-XT. Do you think that I could get a good tone out of the POD? I want a really rounded tone. I dont crank my distortion all the way, but there needs to be enough gain to bring out pinch harmonics. I usually have my treble pretty high, and I dont like mids, but I know I need them there. Sorry this was a lot to read but I just wanted some opinions. Any help is appreciated.

well those Gibsons will probably do that rounded tone, but I have my doubts about a pod.
I've heard it in recordings (were the POD goes straight to computer) and it sounded very digital to say the least.
Be sure to use a tube amp, and if you really want to use the POD then use it as an effects pedal and not as a stand-alone recording device.
Thanks Joris, I thought that perhaps the POD would sound digital. I definatly dont want to sound very digital. I think that the Peavey is a tube amp, but I'm not sure, and I know the Music Man is a tube amp, but I'm fairly sure that the Studio guy said that the amp didnt pack a whole lot of distortion.