Ok so i'm really intrigued by this guitar - the Ibanez RG1520g... it has three knobs instead of the two on nearly all the other RG's, and apart from that, it has two little switches, the function of which i'm not too sure...
the link is here,
and i haven't put a picture up because i don't know how to, so if someone will be kind enough to let me know, i'll edit this post asap...
so what do the extra knob and the two switches do? I saw the G3 Live in Tokyo DVD, and in his song 'Building the Church', Steve Vai uses similar switches on his 'Mojo' JEM to add and remove effects (built-in, i guess)... is this what this is for?
Double Edge Pro for Roland GK
The Edge Pro tremolo on the RG1520G is GK compatible, which allows access to Roland's GK effects and midi control. Isolated piezo elements offer superior tracking for controlling midi devices.

From Ibanez Canada/World site. The American site sucks.
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^ I always thought it was for piezo (sp?) pickups? Or is that another RG model?

nope its that model. and practicaly these are the same as a edge pro
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so these tones come from the BRIDGE? i don't get how that works... like in the RG 1820, it says that it has a 'Piezo Compatible' brigde, so I guess its similar...
how does the Edge Pro bridge have anythign to do with that? wouldn't it have more to do with the pickups?
nope the piezo are located in the bridge and feel the vibration of the wood (i think) and pickup the sound making it have an acoustic sound