Title FunkRock Jam on http://coffeeguy9.dmusic.com/

It's pretty long, but I tried to make it as less repetitive as I could. It's kinda hard when your dubbing over bass, then drums, then guitar. But I'd appreciate if you listened to most of it. All parts are improvised on spot, with 3 different set progressions in mind (Dm - Cm, Gm-Fm, Em7), The solos and stuff are all placed and made up whenever I could. The guitar solos are kinda iffy because I was trying to emulate a certain guitarist, not myself. But all crit is wanted. Some time I'm gonna dub some keyboard over this song.

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Vox AD30VT (Delay channel during some parts at 6:00, other than that, slight reverb)
Classic Crybaby Dunlop
All distortion was done with Ibanez Tube Screamer.
Washburn bass, played through my vox amp
Drumset, not mine, borrowed for weekend

Crit For Crit.

No editing, no retakes, 3 dubbed tracks.
That's pretty good for just a jam....by yourself.
Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

I really like the bass. the timing of lots of parts is pretty off though.

I know you were just jamming around, but it was pretty darn long and didnt really keep my interest for the second half of the song. But like I said, I know its a jam and not really a song song

Overall, cool riffs, just needs some refining and retakes to fix all the timing