Im looking for some songs that are relatively easy to play - instrumental acoustic stuff that basically can be played on the guitar by itself and carry out a tune

i have searched the forums...but most of the recommendations i found required singing...and the guitar parts were often repetitive

i really like canon in d, for example, cause it carries out a tune that can stand alone that builds up

im a beginner thats been playing for around 5 months...i've been following the exercises in a mel bay book and am looking for some more rewarding songs to play

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Solitude-Black Sabbath
Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
Orchid-Black Sabbath
Dream On-Aerosmith?
Superfob123 this is a great idea, filming yourself play. New players could learn a lot from sort of thing.

If it's not already been done couldn't a page be dedicated to people playing there stuff, rating it as easy, medium, hard, etc.