well a few weeks ago i bought a classical guitar for £25, and i've really taken off with it. I've already played steel strung acoustics, electrics and basses for about 4 years - but classical just really hits the spot. Unfortunately, its not that good of a guitar (well, great value for £25), so i was wondering what the best brands are for classical guitar?

I notice that classical guitars aren't as sought after as steel strung acoustics, there seems to be a nice attitude where its all about the music, as opposed to having a guitar for eye candy - anyone else agree?
You got that right.

Classical guitarists (from what I've seen) are purists - it's all about the music you create with the guitar, looks are marginalised. That's not to say that a classical guitarist doesn't care about his/her guitar, but you don't see any fancy inlays/head designs on your average classical guitar... it's all about the tone.

Anyway, answering your first question, some good brands to consider are:

Alhambra, Raimundo(sp?), Yamaha (I bought my C40 for 80 quid and I still love it), Cashimira, Admira, Fransisco Solera, Thomas Lazaro etc.

Personally i'd go for an Alhambra or Cashimira, which start at around 200 quid.

Hey, cheers for the reply.

Do you know any websites that sell those brands?

I know i should try them out first hand, which i will, but i just want to compare prices etc

Oh, and do you have msn? if you do PM me your address (if you want to speak to me that is)

edit: i just listened to your 'echoes' i really liked it
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Hoo boy. You want top of the line performance classical, you're going to be paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for a luthier-made classical guitar.

And classical guitars (and guitarists) can be just as damn picky about the woods and makeup of their guitars as anybody else, if not moreso lol. You will, however, never see a classical guitarist with an outlandish looking guitar, just to be outlandish... all the higher end models cost what they do because of the materials going into them, guaranteeing perfectly well balanced tone, and the quality of the handmade product.

But besides that, the brand I recommend first and foremost for affordable classical guitar is Alvarez. I'm the proud owner of an Alvarez MC90, and it's a marvelous guitar.
My God, it's full of stars!