I'm looking for quality software for recording keyboards/guitars/drums/etc..

I'm also looking for a nice drum kit software (because of my lacking drum skills)..

Along with adding effects and whatnot (not that any recording software wouldn't do it)

I don't care whether it's free of if I could go bankrupt for the price.. Just list any software programs. I just want something to have to create a nice home studio.

line 6 toneport should suit you fine
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more like rifftracker, no? Toneport is just the USB soundcard, rifftracker is the pack wherre you have the soundcard and software.

Id say Cubase. Or Fruity Loops or how the hell it is called.
Not FL Studio, never for recording band, it's not multi-track.

From the cheapest to the pricey you get :

Acid Pro, Ableton Live, Sonar, Mackie Tracktion, Cubase, Logic and Protools.

Those are the tools you can use, I personnaly suggest everything below Cubase.

Acid Pro, Ableton Live, Sonar and Tracktion are powerfulls multi-track software that allows recording of your band. Tracktion is my personnal favorite for now, 149$ powerfull and simple aswell.

For your drum there's alot of choice. Though I suggest either ezdrummer or BFD (if you got the money) ezdrummer is a *I think* 300 mb VSTI drumkit with some really cool graphics, and easy to use midi presets from funk to rock. And well, BFD is a 5 dvd monster you get everything right of the box. There's alot of others drum sampler but I think those two are the most popular for now. Personnaly I use ezdrummer because of lack of space, but it's a nice sound with a good EQ on it and nice compression it sounds great.

You may look at other VSTs aswell, compressors, and EQ, do some research you'll easily find what you need.
This may be a stupid question... I've seen a review video for BFD, but it didn't say that you can create your own drum loops. I've seen that it has pre-made drum loops, as well as it's possible to hook up a electric drum kit and create your own that way. It didn't say that you can just create loops right of the computer with single samples. Is that possible?
Each instruments are to be played seperately, what you've seen are pre-made midi loops, those are no drum loop samples. you can create your own loop or use pre-made loop aswell.