Put another coat of finish on my guitar would that affect the qualit of the guitars sound? Reason why I ask is that I have a friend who is a brilliant artist. I thought it would be cool to have her paint some stuff on it and then put another coat of finish on so the paint doesn't wear away with my playing.
Well the tone might suffer a bit because of the extra coating, but I don't know how noticeable it would be. If it's not too expensive give it a try.
Hey, putting a single coat of paint on your guitar won't have much effect on the sound, but putting several coats on may do. However, words of advice, make sure you add your extra coat of paint in a super dust free environment, otherwise youll end up with lumps in the surface which will just look a bit crap.
I don't think I'm going to put an entire coat of paint on, Probably just some birds in the lower left hand corner and a little something near the bridge and saddle. Any suggestions as to what kind of finish to use? Ha, if you can't tell this is uncharted teritory for me, and I only got 1 acoustic so I better not screw this up.
i've never done that before... but i think you use some kind of lacquer. Cord should know.

If you just paint small bits of your guitar it shouldn't affect its tone. Bear in mind it wouldn't help it either - don't go crazy.

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^-- what kind of guitar is it?

a peice of crap $100 aria.
on a laminated crap guitar I would say paint it. At least it will look good

Typically the more paint and finish you have on a guitar the more it will hurt the sound. As a general rule YOU NEVER MESS WITH THE FINISH. If you are worried about keeping the tone the same then you could always keep the painting and clearcoats to the headstock and the pickguard.

For touch up work on finishes you should use shellac unless you want to compleatly refinish the guitar. When you use shellac you have to use the flakes that you mix yourself. You can't use the premixed stuff.
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