At the end of the year, ill start upgrading most of my stuff. First will be the Amp, then ill get either some stomp boxes or a multi effects pedal and then finally a new guitar. Im currently on a Epi LP100 and a Crate GT15. Its my Second Guitar and First amp, iv been playing for about a year. Im going into a band type situation soon and so ill be needing a new amp. Im going for something around 100 watts, solid state, and definitely no more than $850, hopefully less. Also, i think ill get a 212, so i can crank it without getting too scared. I play Indie rock and pretty much only ever use the clean channel so id like an amp thats really clear. Below is a list of amps that im contemplating.

Laney MXD120T 120watt 2x12 Guitar Amplifier with Effects $776
Ibanez TB100R Tone Blaster 100 watt Guitar Amplifier $799
Marshall MG250DFX 2x50watt 2x12 Electric Guitar Amplifier $792
Marshall AVT100X 100watt 1x12 Guitar Amplifier $799 (Special)
Hartke GT100C 100watt 2x12 Electric Guitar Amplifier $650
Hartke GT60P Piggy Back 60watt Mini Stack with GH60 Cabinet $528
Fender FM 212R 100watt 2x12 Electric Guitar Amplifier $551

the peavey classic 30 and valveking are a bit out of my league

all feedback welcome

PS sorry, forgot to mention, all prices are AUD
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you're gonna get crap for the Marshalls there as they're not supposed to be any good at all. AUS is a pretty screwed up market for amps but a valveking is like a grand AUS$ so it's not that far out of your pricerange. The Fender is a very very simple amp that you'll probably need to run a modeller through as it's pretty transparent, the HARTKE piggy back stack is almost the best one there, it has a tube pre amp (which is supposed to be bull****, but hey still kinda cool) and it's got 4 10" speakers, probably sounds a lot fuller then the others. Still you'd need a modeller to squeeze a good sound out of any of those amps.
Of those in your list, take either the Marshall AVT, the Laney, the Peavey or the Fender.

They're all pretty good sounding, IMO. For a multi-effects pedal, though, I'd take the Fender, as it's simple yet effective, and you don't need that much special features on an amp if you're gonna use a pedal.
I know you said solid state but there's the (B-52 AT-100) it's a tri mode. I got mine for $500, try one out if you can
main reason why im not going for tube is that im a very clumsy girl...but where do they sell b52s in aust? i travel often between perth and melbourne...
B-52 aren't in AUS and they cost 1400$ AU if you do end up finding them (i looked it up through the aussie offical importer). so that's about double what threadstarter is willing to spend.

If you get the Fender then you leave yourself with enough money to buy a multi FX unit straight up.

If you get the Hartke Piggyback you'll probably get a pretty nice sound even without the multi-fx for a while, plus you'll feel kinda pro about the fact that you have a half stack .

I'd say both are going to be pretty transparent Solid State Amps. Fender has a rep for cleans and quality however the FM series has a few flaws according to reviews on harmonycentral.
yep i always look at musicianswarehouse.com.au, but i think there's another website i found that was pretty awesome but it was a mission to find on google. if you contact Peavey's australian distribution centre and ask em how much a valveking combo is RRP then you might get one in your price range. I just haven't seen them online.

Laney combo is intriguing 'cause their tube amps are supposed to be amazing but i haven't heard too many positive things about solid state from them. Hartke ... I think the piggyback is better then their combo, they put more research into their piggyback. Fender > Hartke.
hahaha Valve king over anything solid state. Be warned though you'll need overdrive if you want metal distortion. and overdrive pedal is another 100 or so AU$ ...
myeah, i can get a BOSS gt-8 for $499 through the coke live promotion
but the avt is usually around $1100 so id be saving $300
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