Hey all,

I have just launched my new website and it is all new and a little rough around the edges, however I am hoping to keep updating content on there.

I have added a page for any songwriters out there who would like to grab PDF copies of my song composition pages.

Free Song Composition Sheets

They may be of use when writing your own songs or just jamming out covers.

Feel free to print them out and have
Thanks JorisBlack for the feedback.

I have a whole heap of edited and corrected tabs that I want to put on the site eventually.

I have just added some new content on there recently called Finding Notes, to help guitarists read traditional music on the staves.

If you don't see it there, just Refresh the tutorial page.

I don't believe so because these tutorials are free for all. Free to print out at will and if it helps people out to play the guitar, write songs or teach others to play the guitar then it's all good.

The words Jordie on the composition sheets are already a sign of advertising, this is already breaking the rules if you want to be exact.

Take the name off and you will be fine/
If you really think it's fair reporting me when I only want to help out others learn the guitar and write music with the guitar - then go ahead.

I spent over 2 years working on these projects, which works out at an average of 3 months per tutorial and all I want is a small recognition logo on the sheets. This is something that will give me some form of copyright protection.

I'm hoping it's not too much to ask.

well ask a mod if you can advertise it. or put sort of message asking users to pm you about this tutorial
free stuff whats the problem, it must be hard for some of you guys to sit down with that stick up your ass
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No worries,

azn_guitarist25, thanks for the feedback.

By the way I'm in Melbourne - originally from Perth, WA


nice mate, Perth is getting pretty crappy now for the metal scene since their trying to ban Cannibal Corpse from playing a gig over here
That's ashame. They are brilliant musicians.

I used to be a big fan of Allegiance. Saw them at the E-shed markets in Freo when they supported Sepultura, and I also went to their second album launch at a club in Hillaries - it was awesome. Shame they split not too long after that.

I heard Dave who I think works for Express started or helped start a band called Black Steel.

I haven't seen them though.