Hey there.
Ive been playin about seven years, the first four of those were on a classical nylon stringed guitar ( classical is great for building fingerstrength and developing rhythm UNH!)

For the past few years Ive been playin an electric guitar and increasing amounts of metal. I can do pinch harmonics and stuff with just fingers, but I'd just like to know how much playing without a plec is going to limit my guitar playing in the future ???? thanks!!
i dont use a plec either but i cant do pinches
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ull hav a problem with speed. even tremelo picking wid ur fingers cant keep up with altrenate picking

how the blue sweet jesus do u do a pinched without a plec, exactly?
It depends on what you want to play, some people have managed to go fine without a pickup (Mark Knopfler. folky acoustic guitarists, etc... and classical guitar like you mentioned) though if you plan on playing metal or such its prettymuch required. Learn both.

Quote by rabidguitarist
i dont use a plec either but i cant do pinches

I kind of touch the harmonic point with the tip of my index finger and pluck the string with my thumb to do pinch harmonics when playing without a pick.
I guess you could do it in the standard way with the side you your thumb too...
iv seen plenty of people who use their fingers but can still play at stupid speeds. tremolo picking would be a problem but ther are plenty other ways to play faster such as sweeps, slides and trills and things but your fingers will probably become quite quick anyway after so much practice. i sometimes use the fingerstyle method of doing pinched harmonics too it can be a little easier to use at times.
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well using a plectrum is a more faster way of playing, and can be alot more accurate in certain circumastances. why not master both techniques.
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cheers guys

i use my nails to do tremolo picking and shredding etc, and a thumb and finger for pinch harmonics.

mmmm im not so sure whenever i try to play with a plec its like its slowing down what i want the guitar to do. It also drags across the strings any tips?
use a nylon plec at a medium (medium for nylon plecs, not medium in general) gauge. . takes some paractivce and u f fingers hav to support it but thts how i learnt to stop my plec dragging