I pretty much wrote this all last night, (hence the name, lol), anyways, hope you guys like it as much as i do, any comments are welcome and wanted, thanks for listening!!!
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thats actually pretty cool. pretty in flamesy but youve added your own flair to it haha

synth is a nice add as well, good job harmonizing everything
i really liked this
the only thing i didnt really like are the slides u use like for 2/4 and 5/7
i would just do hammer ons

and i would use more of the third guitar that did the vibreto

thanks for the crit
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i tried that, to change it up, and everything i tried just sounded really cluttered, and by the time i finished it, it was like 5:30 in the morning, lol, so i gave up on that, lol, anyways, thanks a lot for the comments!!!
Whoa... I loved that piece. My favourite part had to be at 21 (not the timing, the section, or whatever you call it) when the string ensemble came in. It was really well done overall. I love the tune that plays at the beginning and in various parts of the song, and I really liked how it sounded at the ending, with that ending chord. I have to agree with Dark Sonata about guitar 2 playing something else, but then again, if you keep it the same, it builds more familiarity with the listener. They'll probably recognize the theme, but if guitar two is doing something else (and if you add more guitars at the same time), then the main theme may get buried underneath everything else, and the listener may wonder if this is really the same theme, or something new. Just an idea.
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Love it, no doubt that main theme will stick in my mind for hours, I especially liked the part with the string ensemble.

I don't think you shouldn't change guitar 2 when the main theme comes again, I dont think it is repetetive enough to get boring, well at least not for me, but is repetetive enough to be very catchy, it just sticks there in your mind.
yah, i didnt think it was too repetetive, cause im planning on adding to it, so in my mind, its almost like an interlude to another part, or something like that, lol, thanks a lot for the comment!
Very nice... the harmonies are impressive. I like how you've meshed everything together. Nothing sounds out of place or too repetitive. It has its own flair, too, so it doesn't just become mellow background noise. Cheers, man.
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Ahh Schecter86, your songs always have a great feel to them, especially with the lead guitar with the triplet notes that are always pleasing to hear. My favorite part was at 42 seconds, in the midi file, where everything just comes in. The only thing that didn't sound right was the violin, I think that's what it is, it just didn't seem to compliment with the guitars.

Overall, it was very nice to listen to. Keep it up!
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That was a real nice acoustic song. ill have to learn to play it. I really liked the parts with the 2 guitars starting at measure 5. Really nice.
It was very different, but I really liked it.

We are writing an acoustic song for our band and we really need to find a way to use keyboard and still make it sound good.
I really liked it. I agree, it did sound alot like Inflames. Good job man. Crit mine please? It is the sig.
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I liked it a lot.. in some places it had kind've a mid eval feel to it and there was that part where you used those awkward chords but they sounded good. The only problem I had is the last thing you heard was the E minor and it just didn't sound final to me you know? I dunno how to explain it but anway the song was great.
well, its not really final, ive been trying to finish it, but i am currently in the process of moving, and pretty much all my guitar stuff is packed, so its hindering me a bit, lol, but thanks a lot for the comments, when i finish it, i'll be sure to post it!
Good stuff man. Good harmonizing and good where the strings came in. Very catchy...I'll probably hum it later.
Very nice
It does sound very in flames-ish
Not much too say about it but its pretty catchy
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I can't really say anything that hasn't been said.. It's a good piece... Very good. =)