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So, who's a fan? I've loved this band ever since I started listening to Gimme' Fiction (which I've never stopped doing.) Just wondering if anyone else loves their music.
Well that's one person! But yeah, I agree. Allot of the reason I like them is because they're so different than anything else out there.
Ahhh I love spoon...I heard "the way we get by" on Mean Creek and I think it was on the OC once...But my favorite song atm is "I Summon You" but I also like..."I turn my camera on"?<--is that what it's called. I ordered the Gimme Fiction album last week. should be coming soon I cant wait!!
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Well I just bought Telephno/Soft Effects EP a few days ago it was really good (I also on Kill the Moonlight) and I'm not sure which I like more...

I can't belive there aren't too many replies for this band - they're really original and I'm shocked that there haven't been too many replies for these Spoon threads (search button ftw!!!)
Quote by Tsunoyukami
Well I just bought Telephno/Soft Effects EP a few days ago it was really good (I also on Kill the Moonlight) and I'm not sure which I like more...

I can't belive there aren't too many replies for this band - they're really original and I'm shocked that there haven't been too many replies for these Spoon threads (search button ftw!!!)

I went out and bought Kill the Moonlight based on a recommendation from one of my friends a couple weeks ago, great album, with tons of replay value.. their sound is quite simply amazing

support the spoon!
I got into Kill the Moonlight a few months ago...great album, but The Way We Get By is definitely the best track
I don't know where you should start with them really...about a year ago I was flicking through channels and saw the Killers performing live so I decided to watch it - but when they finished the song (Mr. Brightside I think), they play about three or four other songs (that I didn't know at the time, though they're all available on the Hot Fuss rerelease I think). So I was like that was pretty cool when they were stepping off the stage. I was about to go to bed but the announcer said something about Spoon playing next so I thought I'd wait and check them out.

They play five songs and each one was amazing. Truly original stuff.

So I went out insearch of albums but they were rather expensive at the time (no source of income) so I didn't actually get any until I got Kill the Moonlight about a month ago.

I took a chance on them and I'm wasn't disappointed.

Here's they're myspace page if you're interested in a few tracks.
I just bough Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and I haven't listened to it, but I really loved the single I heard.
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hmm my feelings on spoon...
i bought gimmie fiction based on the few songs i had heard and liked
i later got extremely bored of the album, this only happened after a few listens
i heard a song off of it the other day on the radio and i enjoyed it quite a bit
i think i am going to give them another chance soon
haven't heard anything off of their latest album, but their split album with bright eyes kicks ass
i've never been much of a spoon fan, but while i was record shopping today, i decided to pick up the new album. from what i heard on the car ride home, i really like; much more impressed than i thought i would be. plus it came with a free 7", so that was cool.
I am definitely thinking about getting their new LP.
Has anyone heard anything off of it?

Quote by dougiecrystals

Where should I start with this band?

Try the song "The Way We Get By" or some songs off of "Gimme Fiction" such as "I Summon You" or "I Turn My Camera on" to see if you like it.
All of there records are on my wishlist, but I haven't gotten around to getting anything yet.

So much to get, with so little money.
I have enjoyed all of what I have heard though.
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I still like Spoon. I'm going to buy Gimme Fiction and Ga Ga Ga Ga (did I get the number of Ga's right?) sometime soon. I expect them to better as good or better than Kill the Moonlight and Telephono.

I think there's five Ga's. And, if you don't have it already, get Girl Can Tell, if you do, buy Kill the Moonlight.
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I just bought Gax5 and it's great. I really liked Gimme Fiction, and now I am just gonna work backwards.

When my girlfriend got tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie (meh), Spoon opened, and they were really good. Definitely a great band, and a great live band too!
Kill The Moonlight and Gimme Fiction are absolutely deck, but I can't get into their new stuff.
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Alright, so like said all of their albums are on my wishlist, and I plan on getting one right soon. So, with money being tight, I can probably only spot one for right now.

Which to pick up first?
Last night I was with this girl that apparently didn't like Spoon. And she said "Spoon, my ass!"

And then she realized what she had said and continued "Well, I guess that's the only way to spoon. The ass. Spoon my ass, Geoff."

Drunk girls being drunk.
Love, love, love this band. Britt Daniel is a hugely influential songwriter and vocalist for me. Anyone else find themselves listening to Get Nice way more often than Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga? The songs are just so enticing, it's really hard to explain. Mean Mad Margaret fading into Love Makes You Feel is better than anything on the actual album, methinks. Not that the album isn't great, because it is.
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I actually like Gax5 more than Get Nice.

A lot of the songs are sticking to me like:

Don't you Evah, Eddie's Ragga, and Finer Feelings.

Favorite song is still The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
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so i just realized i never got back on how my reintroduction to spoon went...
i listened to gimmie fiction again and quite liked it
at this very second i am listening to kill the moonlight for the first time and it is good, not as hooky as gimmie fiction though
actually i think in a car was where i first heard spoon, i should go home and try out ga ga ga ga ga
Brit Daniel is ace...
There new album is unbelievable.

Very talented.very.very.talented.
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between my last post and this one i have almost finished the new album and it is much better on repeated listens
Just got Gimme Fiction. I'm loving it. It's sort of like Wilco meets Elvis Costello.
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I am still pretty impressed with Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, very solid album.
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