Ok...i know natural harmonics are when you are just touching the string lightly and play, but what is a pinch and artificial harmonic? I am currently doing this harmonic i dunno what it is, i press my finger gently on the string like a natural harmonic, pluck the string and as i do that i kinda push down with my finger and bend it...making it squeal...yeah. can someone tell me what im doing please!!

Basically you add the edge of your thumb to the pick attack. You should try this all along the strings, picking in different places, because they'll sound better in one section than another.
What you're doing is a natural harmonic with a bit of Vibrato.

If you wanna do a pinch (or 'artificial', same thing) harmonic, I do it like this and it works for me:

1) place your pick on the string, holding it with your thumb and first finger
2) push the pick 'through' the string WITH YOUR THUMB. Don't just pull it down as if you were strumming, but actually DIG IN with your thumb pushing the pcik. This creates a downward motion of your thumb, so the string hits the side of it and sounds a harmonic.
3) do an intense vibrato with your fretting hand. It really helps bring out the harmonic.

Listen to Zakk Wylde (Ozzy, Black Label Society) and Billy Gibbons (ZZ top), they're the masters of this

Experiment by doing it in different places along the string. Its usually above the middle pickup on a strat type guitar.

Add more gain, use a humbucker and turn the tone to 10. That'll help.
An artificial harmonic is slightly different isn't it? Basically you fret any note, then move 12 frets up from that note (while still keeping the other note fretted with your hand) then place your index finger over the fret that is 12 up from the fretted note and play that string with your pinky finger or whatever one feels right for you.