I have recently bought a new set of strings for my guitar(with an OFR), but I wanted to try something different from my old 9s. The new ones are light (9s) on my high strings (GBE) and 10s on my low strings (EAD).
When I tune the guitar the A and D strings pops off the bridge after a short while (they don't break, just slides off) especially if I pull back on the whammy bar.
How do I fix this? should I increase or decrease the string tension?
All my strings where tuned, but after 30seconds or so one of them (or both) comes off
Well that's what I thought at first, so I did tighten them more than I do with my regular strings, but they still pop out.
nice guitar btw are you cutting the balls end off? did you put the string all the way until you couldnt feed the string in anymore?
Yep I really like it, and I got a really nice discount on it !

To answer both the other questions: Yes
I know, and I didn't notice any difference when i restrung it, so I guess it was fine...
Hehe that's ok, you tried hard! :P my guess would be that the new strings build up more tension and therefore can't be hold by the bridge... but I don't know how to remove the tension...
yea i just put dean markley 9-42 in my guitar with a floyd, they do pop out put you have to get them down in the floyd as much as you can and tightin it as much as you can, just dont strip the threads.
if your strings continuously pop out, your doing something wrong. make sure you put the end of the string as far into the saddle as you can and then tighten the clamp. it can get pretty tight, so don't be afriad to put some pressure on it; just dont go crazy. if you do it right, you should be able to pull up on the whammy bar as far as you can without any problems
Yeah well I don't want to tune lower i'm quite pleased with the standard tuning