Great quality, very pro-sounding did you do this in a home studio?? Great!! one of best recordings ive ever heard on this site!
It sounds really great when it starts, and your vocals are spot on! At last, someone that can actually start a song well! Where did you get this recorded? Did you record it yourself, because if you did: I'm very impressed. The guitar parts are great, and you're right about the mixing being ace. Good job

If you could listen to mine, that'd be ace
Dude Im in a Southern Metal Band, and generally I don't like most of this type of music, but I just really like this song, good job the vocals sound like that Dashboard Confessional band, good job and the production is great, if thats a home studio job its real nice, good job Bro! if any of you guys are metal heads out there or threadstarted wants to crit back check my songs out here : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=389309
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I swear to you - that's an awesome song. sounds like it should be on the top of the charts rather than here. nothing to fix here
I gave rock n' roll to you

Although not my style I have to say that the quality and melody were flawless.
Which programm did you use for recording? you did this on your pc or studio?
The clean guits were spectacular. The vocals were great !!!!! . The only thing i didnt like was the genre. other than that the song was amazing.

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Well, I personally thing the vocals are way too loud in the mix. This may just be a pet peeve of mine, but having the vocals that loud just sounds unnatural. It makes you sound weak, like you're incapable of projecting your voice or something, I say turn them down and sing up with a big more "oomph" to make them a bit less...gross?

Good quality, nice. I personally found it a bit cleaner than I would have prefered, but there was no question that it was well recorded and mixed(with the exception of the vocals) and the strings and whatnot fit in well, they don't stand out, but they work. It sounds ok without any bass support, but I'd personally add a bassline to offset the dominance of the vocals and give it a nice base. The guitar is nice, but it gets a bit repetative.

If you could crit back, I'd appreciate it.
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Arg! I tried the broaband link and its got the broken quicktime signal. Ah! the dialup link works for me.

WOW just wow, the production is top notch, very clean . definatly not my style of music, but I respect it 100%. Great job.

What did you record this with?
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That was one of the greatest recordings I have ever heard, WHAT DID U RECORD THAT WITH
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Ovdo, you make me thoroughly sick...your stuff is always so darn good. Especially your vocals, i just love them. Really though, this is all so beautifully done...everything blends perfectly together, there's really nothing at all that I could tell you to fix up or improve. Bravo....oh, by the way, i think i still have one of your other songs on my MP3 player. The Son, i believe. This one may be on there soon too =P

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I liked this..just wow.
The lyrics were a bit simple though...nice for the song I suppose. Good work Joey.
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I dont think you sound like Chris Carabba. Maybe a similar style, but you dont sound like him. I think its really good, but not completely my style. I think youll go far in your genre. I would give any of your stuff a chance. great job.
could you do mine?
that was awesome. quality was excellent, well done all around. song itself is pretty good as well.
if you have time or care after going through everybody else's, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=404717
if you please.
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Great song, some of the best vocals Ive heard on UG. Lyrics are simlple I suppose but they do fit the song. You sond like a mix between the dashboard confessional singer (Chris Carrabba) an the death cab one.
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