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Hey!I've been listening to some Emo stuff(Taking Back Sunday,Dashboard Confessional,Jimmy Eat World,Story Of The Year,etc.....) all over the last three years and I must admit that all those bands had a BIG impact in me.This year I found another Emo/Punk-Pop band that made listen to their records over and over and over and over again:Motion City Soundtrack!They have very special sound and their lyrics are probably some the best in this style(just like Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional).

Any fans round here??

they are awesome i have liked them for years. CTTM is an amzing record i dont like IATM as much but they are both unique.

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing
^^I think just like you!Commit This To Memory is definitely my "Summer Album" for this year,it's so full of great songs and lyrics!Still,I Am The Movie is an awesome album too,every song is refreshing and melodic in a single way.The lyrics are perfect too.
Threadstarter, please put at least one, preferably two spaces after the end of every sentence (full stops, exclamation marks, etc.) Yes I'm being anal, but I find it annoying

As for MCST, they're great
Oh, sorry! I'm not used with using a lot of spaces, but I'll try to manage that :P And no, you're not being anal, I understan you =) Rock On!
they are a very good band. i like a lot of their songs, like 'everything is alright', 'when (you're) around', 'the future freaks me out', etc but my absolute favourite is the acoustic track 'sunday warning' from the split with matchbook romance. it was the first song of theirs that i heard and i absolutely love it.

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IATM is an amazing pop-punk album, I don't have CTTM so I don't know about it
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Green day have to be one of the biggest emo bands in the world (and I still love them). Which do you lot think is there most emo song 'coz me and my friend can't decide lol
Great, catchy, fun band. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I have respect to the umpteenth power for them for being able to successfully put the word "gerbil" in one of their songs and it being ok.
Let's get fucked up and die....I'm speaking, figuratively of courseee.

Haha, good times. Good summer band.
"....Like the last time that I commited suicide, social suicide...."

I love the lyrics, they're simple, yet meaningful and their lead singer (he's got a french surname I guess) has a very distinctive way to sing them.
Haha, they are good, I think they're supposed to be poking fun at the scene a bit, which makes me laugh

And yeah, his voice is distinctive, I can't listen to it for long periods at a time, but it's nice every once in a while.
^^That's right, the man can really sing but his voice can get annoying after a while. Have you ever heard them playing live? I've been trying to convienc some friends to come with me and watch them playing in London, but it's being such a hard task-lol! Rock On!
Haha no I haven't seen them live, they were supposed to be supporting FFAF before they cancelled earlier this year.

I can imagine them having a good, fun show though.
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Haha no I haven't seen them live, they were supposed to be supporting FFAF before they cancelled earlier this year.

I can imagine them having a good, fun show though.


I remember that happened to me too

Oh, it sucks when bands cancel the dates, it happened to me a few times times and it really got me pissed off, but......

I didn't know they were supporting Funeral For A Friend, but it would be awesome to watch them both, since I like them both a lot! =)
IATM was great

But then the vocals annoyed the **** out of me and I havent listened to them since.
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xD oh, come on, they're not that bad........a bit annoying, yes but the man has emotion and his lyrics can always make me laugh (specially "Resolution")
i've never properly gotten into this band.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
might see them when they come to cardiff in autumn.

decent band, modern chemistry and the future freaks me out are my faves. i only have i am the movie.
Great band, was gonna go see them soon but i've yet to actually buy a ticket =/
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I know it's a bit dumb from me, but I just noticed that Mark Hoppus produced "Commit This To Memory" yesterday =P I think that he's doing good as a producer, but his new band (Plus 44) is not as good as some other bands he's working with (only my opinion)......what do you think of it? ROCK ON!
one of the funnest bands around. Like the astronuat said they're great for the summer.
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RHCPhysco for the win.

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^Hells yeah.
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I remember that happened to me too

There there Jon

Did you still go in June btw?
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

heck yes.

MCS werent supporting though

twas fightstar...

and i was rather impressed

Motion City Soundtrack has definately become one of my most favorite bands ever! Their lyrics are so clever and you gotta love Justin's Hair! haha - and what makes them even cooler is that Mark Hoppus Produced them, they're just good all around.
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His hair makes me lagh because he looks like a freak(it's not an insult in this case)! Love the lyrics, Justin is a clever guy indeed
MCS rock. The Future Freaks Me Out anndd Don't Call it a Comback are my favs. I remember when I first heard TFFMO I had it stuck in my head for days and I'd always sing it but mess up the lyrics and my friends would get mad at me. Yeah, I pretty much fail at life.
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Great band, great lyrics. Both CDs are top notch. "Hold Me Down", "Capital H", "My Favorite Accident", and "LG Fuad" are my favorite songs. My friend and I are covering "Together We'll Bring in the New Year" for our acoustic band. I really hope I can see them at Warped.
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Instant Bob Dylan.
"Let's get fucked up and die"

They're so bloody catchy
^^that's brilliantly simple, but gets stucked in the head for ages......WOW!I love their music, specially now that Summer's in bloom! Rock On!
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