The new cd The sufferer and the Witness is amazing. however i heard there is a bonus track on the cd and its reall good but i dont know how to access it. how do i get this song? its not at the end of the cd and idk what else to do to find it. Maybe there is no bonus track but idk im just asking you guys to see if you know.

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i think youd be better off in the punk and ska forum
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Yeah, theres a bonus track, its called "But tonight We Dance" or something like that.
I have no idea where you'd get hold of it. I just got it from a file sharing program, cause im cool. =/
On my version it's Boy's No Good, depends on where you live and whether you actually bought the special edition.
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yeah thats bull **** i just downloaded it off of limewire but its not like the track goes onto the real cd now

its not that great anyway

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing
i didnt get a bonus track with my cd, is there a special wasy to get it
i didnt get one either this sucks
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there were limited "special editions" to the CD, but if you can somehow get a hold of the LP they have them all on there.
i got an american import version, for cheaper than it costs for the local release, but mine doesn't have any bonus tracks, or anything.

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