has anyone checked out the guitar grimoire? i just got it yesterday. WOW. it has everything about scales and modes. perfect for me. however, my little sister just picked up the guitar, and i was wondering what the best book for her would be. something a lot less complicated. the complete basics.

Which one did u get exactly? im looking on musicians friend and they have a bunch
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the one without the dvd?
Schecter Gryphon
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Heritage VIP 1(would like to sell)
idk but one of my little relatives got a book called "totally guitar- the definitive guide" and that book seemed to have alot of stuff in it for beginners. try to get books by tony bacon. he makes alot of good guitar books.
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I could NOT, in good concience, recommend the Grimoire books to anyone.
If you understand the very basic concept of what a key is, you would understand
why the Grimoire books actually contain very little valuable information. They
all follow the same pattern: they show you a scale and then repeat the very same
scale in each and every key. When you know what a key is, you can see why that
approach is a big waste. So basically those books are 1/12 information and 11/12's
repetitive filler.

There are MUCH better books to spend your money on. My top recommendations

1) Guitar Principles. This is a must have. It will help you be a better guitarist in all
areas of your playing and it's THE manual on how to practice.

2) Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar. Great exercises isolating various playing mechanics.

3) Sheets of Sound. Awesome book covering a huge array of very usefull scale patterns. It will take your scale practice to the next level.

4) Shred Guitar. OK, this book gets right into it. 10 metalish progressions that
cover the most common modes and scales used. Lots of example licks. Good
luck playing them that fast without good technique though! A reallice nice part II
that covers all scales and fingering positions in a very concise manner.