Im looking for a good metal pickup great for solos to upgrade my bridge pickup on my Ibanez RG350EX...please give me some suggetions
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one of those dimarzio pickups...i like those alot
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check out the seymour duncan JB (SH-4).

friend has it and it makes his ds-1 sound like an mt-2. literally
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theres gonna be alot of emg suggestions,so emg.
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emgs and stock passive pups are hard to wire in the same guitar. you could use dimarzio evos or evo IIs. they seem pretty good
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Ive heard that you need to change all pickups to EMG if changing...and im only gonna change the bridge pickup...so ill check the suggestions about dimarzio and seymour duncan pickups.
get somtheng insane like a kent armstrong motherbucker. 28k and no batteries!

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