im trying to get the best sound to record on my computer...i have Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro v3 and it works really well but i dont know if i need a better sound card because whenever i record from my guitar to computer it sounds crappy

is there any way to get a better sound? im looking for suggestions on what to buy whether it be the toneport box or something similar where I can plug my guitar into the box and not directly into the computer...

any suggestions?? id like to get a more professional recording sound from my computer
it may be your sound card (although if your sound card is fairly new it should be fine) you may want to check the recording rate and i would recommend recording at 88K to get a decent sound (you can technically record at a higher rate than this, say 120K+ but eventually you'll just be wasting hard drive space and getting the same sound) also the cables you are using along with the speakers you're listening to the output through can make a good recording sound bad. there are MANY different variables.
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I'm not sure what toneport is so if it functions as a pre-amp then the rest of my post will sound a little ignorant.

But I would recommend either purchasing a decent amp with a line-out feature or a pre-amp for recording. Line6 also offers some awesome pre-amps and modelers like the podxt live. I'm actually thinking about getting a podxt live instead of a mesa pre-amp when I do my next studio project.

The guitars on the album I'm working on putting out right now were done through a 100W combo amp with a line-out into an E-MU 1820M sound card / interface. The basses were actually done through a much smaller practice-amp using the headphone jack as a line-out into the same interface.