My mother how much would she cry
When she found out her son had died
by his own hand

And all those guys I know at School
Would they still think I was cool
Would they build something to remember me
Maybe a sign out by that corner tree
Would they do that for me.

And if they held a service in my name
Would all my friends be bathed in shame
Because they hadn't seen the signs
Because all those stupid, stupid times.

And I wonder if She'd be there
Or would she even really care
Cuz I never told her the way I feel
She never knew my heart was real
Or would she fling herself at my cascuit
With tears choking her, scream it's all Bull****
How unfair it is that she never go the chance to say
She loved me every single day.
Every Single Day.
"His clothes are dirty, but his hands are clean" - Lay Lady Lay
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