Ok, so now it really is acoustic, I used my friends acoustic, and I also sang but thats only because its fun, not because I can sing, because I can't. But anyway hope you enjoy listening to it again, leave any kinda reply you want, I will get back to any of you who do leave some type of response thanks for the listen and leave links.

link in sig
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Pretty good.

If you were playing and singing at the same time, then this is excellent. I would not be able to play Under The bridge and sing it at the same time, I find that extremely hard. If you weren't singing then the guitar works requires some improvements. There were alot of bum-notes, you need to practice sounding evry note. In this intro, you kept missing the two strings plucks, whihc give a fuller sound to the D and the #F chords. Not bad though really, still sounded nice.

The singing goes flat quite ofetn, although I wont comment on that too much, as this is a guitar forum and without the singing the cover would have been less entertaining.

There were a few mistakes as previosuly mentioned, but overall this way a good cover.

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thanks for the comments

and nope i wasnt singing and playing at the same time, I can do that but it would have just been nothing but strumming chords no pull offs or anything, but yea that acoustic was pretty hard to play, you should see my fingers all four of them have torn skin, but yea thanks for listening, it was all for fun. and yep, Im not a singer, but I really appreciate the reply. you's have anything i can crit.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
I really liked all the guitar, but often times your voice goes off. Usually I'd give a 9/10, but the quote from Dr. Strangelove is wrong in your sig, so it's down to 8/10.

The correct quote would be "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"
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pretty good, especially considering you said you hardly consider yourself a singer. Some minor spots were the guitar could be cleaner, but I'm aware how hard the acoustic version is, and I totally can understand the spots you messed up a bit. Good stuff buddy.
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hey guys thanks for the crits

to lespaulsson, its just that i never heard a femal voice do that song, well the chorus, I was like whoa did your voice change, but then i realized it was a femal voice, but yea it suited it well.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
i watched a vid of the acoustic version on google.vid someday.
you almost did it in a perfect way dude!
-1 for the vocal screw ups :P
Your voice is definantly getting better dude, i remember when you first posted it was laughably bad, cheers bro. Started to sound pretty good

You did lose tone every now and then, tight up that intro on the playin a bit more.