ive been looking for a good head for a while. i would prefer a solid state, juts cause most tube amps are too loud, and you need to crank it to get good tone.
i was looking into the SX series.
the hughes and kettner matrix.
and the peavey XXL.

i like the peavey b/c i can choose between 25, 50 ,and 100 wats.
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ive always loved peavey, of course both of my peaveys are tubes
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peavey isnt known for the SS amps....only there high end tube amps

but just try out the amps..get the best one for you
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id say buy a carvin they have plenty of bang for your buck and pretty good customer service
The Matrix is a great amp and very versatile. The Crunch channel is a little substandard though, and it's quite bassy on the warp channel. Sometimes has difficulty cutting through if it's not EQ'd right. If it is, however, it's great.

I've never tried the other two out, so I can't help you on them.
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