wrote this little tidbit this morining
any thoughts on what i could do next

I dont know if i want to make this an instrumental or not yet so any ideas for a verse or chorus would be great
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i liked it a lot, lol, but i have no idea where even i would take it, lol, the P-Tab makes it almost sound oriental, anyways, i think it is a great start for an instrumental, keep that style going, while changing the chords more often too get it going in different directions, maybe get almost like one identifiable melody, and then go off with that, making variations on it, thats all i got for ideas, hope they were usefull, please critique mine, its called Up All Night: Powertab (Acoustic), by schecter86, thanks, hope i was helpfull, great start!
It's great, does sounds abit oriental, probably only PT though...

I suggest you find some melody or pattern to use as the main theme, to get the listeners familier with, this is great as an intro though.