I just ordered a dk2s dinky jackson guitar not long ago. Ive been playing with it for a while and just wanted to know if the neck is stable enough to take the beat of what i do with the whammy bar. Sometimes when i go way up with the whammy the neck makes cracking noises. I really dont want to break anything. I play mostly vai stuff so im just curious. Im not gonna start holding the guitar by the whammy bar like he does but i am gonna be going really back and forth on it a lot so i just wanna make sure nothing is gonna crack. I dont think my dad would get me a new guitar.........

might be the strings not being wrapped properly around the tuning pegs and tightening themselves when you pull the whammy. does it go out of tune?
Purple hazer do you mean it should be stable or it shouldnt make cracking noises?

And no my guitar does not go out of tune. But i was think could it be that it does this because the wood is new?
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i highly doubt you'll crack the neck, it takes a lot for that to happen. i have a jackson guitar as well, not the same model, but i beat the hell out of the whammy going down and up and havent had any problems. try to pinpoint the cracking sound, sometimes it will come from the floyd will make a similar sound but not usually.