I just started playing guitar a week ago, I've learned a few chords and scales. I want to learn barres .... I usually don't have that MUCH of a problem pressing down the correct strings but my strumming the correct strings (usually only E,A,D for the songs I want to learn) is terrible. I know practice makes perfect but any tips or things I should practice? Thanks.
I know it may not be the kind of music you're into, but trying doing folk/country strum patterns. It's known as the boom/chuck pattern, here's a like http://www.ezfolk.com/guitar/Tutorials/Alternating_Bass/alternating_bass.html

I just took it slow, set a metronome for 60 bps and worked at it for a couple of days and double my speed. I did notice it helped with hitting strings for open chords, like D and C a bit more accurately.

You could try spending just ten minutes a day focusing solely on hitting the right strings, or hit the EA, BE, and then GD as quick as you can.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I've only played for about a month now too, I've had a guitar for seven years so I had a little bit of hand strength and dexterity from messing around but not much. Good luck